Confessions of a Roaster

I love drip coffee. I love my 12-cup, automatic coffee maker that is programmed to have coffee ready and waiting for me before I am even able to pull myself out of bed each morning. 

It's a recently discovered love. I used to turn up my nose at drip. At coffee shops and restaurants, if I couldn't order a pour over, I would opt for an americano. At home, I would choose from my collection of manual brewing methods, including a French press, stove-top percolator, or a Moka pot.

It wasn't until I decided to begin Glowing Goat Coffee that an automatic drip coffee maker made its way into my collection of gadgets. Knowing that automatic drip is the most common at-home brewing method, I decided to get on board and taste my coffee the same way as most customers.

And, man, do I love it. The tasting notes of each roast are present. The oils from the beans provide body. It's simple and it's good. 

Good coffee for a good morning.