For the Love of Friendship

We had a great weekend hosting one of our closest friends, Matt, as he makes his way from the Adirondacks of New York to Yosemite in the Sierras. We all met in Bozeman during a season of trail work with the Montana Conservation Corps back in 2014. Since that summer, Matt has been a huge part of our lives and has shared many of our experiences and adventures here in Montana. Now, Matt is embarking on new adventures and gathering new experiences outside of Montana, and we miss his company dearly.

While this weekend was fun and filled with the clinking of pint glasses in a myriad of cheers to Matt, to friendship, to accomplishments, and to future goals, my fondest memory from the weekend was just about one hour of Saturday morning. It was the three of us, Matt, Jacob and myself, just sitting around the living room, talking over coffee. It was an open dialogue of how much our lives have changed since Matt first left Montana in April. We discussed the feelings of uncertainty and doubt that come with challenging yourself. We reflected on the personal growth and betterment that comes with enduring and overcoming such doubts. As one of us would share, the others would sip coffee and offer up small pieces of advice and encouragement. We talked about future plans and hoped that someday, our paths merge again and we find ourselves living in the same city, sharing morning coffee more often than not. The hour was comfortable, familiar, and warm.

It’s one of the many things I love about coffee. A freshly brewed cup of hot coffee forces you to sit still and sip slowly. It’s the perfect time for sharing with friends. Its warmth is comforting and encourages the honest discussion of thoughts and feelings. 

Matt got back on the road this morning. As I sit here, sipping my coffee alone and reflecting on the weekend, I am thankful for this time spent having morning coffee with a good friend. I can only hope I will be lucky enough to spend many, many more mornings like this- in the company of good friends and good coffee.