Glowing Goat Coffee is my passion project. I moved to Montana in 2014 to complete a term of service with the Montana Conservation Corps. I quickly fell in love with the beauty of Bozeman and its community and couldn't find a reason to leave. After years of working as a barista and roaster at a local shop, I wanted to expand my understanding of coffee even further. Starting GGC has allowed me to roast and experiment with a greater variety of coffees. 

I must also proclaim my love of good coffee. Each bag of coffee is truly a labor of love. GGC only sources Fair Trade, organic beans. Each batch is roasted with the utmost attention, then rests for 24 hours, then gets cupped to ensure quality.

Along with good coffee, I also love my community. Bozeman is home to many nonprofits, a few of which have helped me along my path. In 2014, I completed a term of service with MCC and experienced Montana's beauty to its fullest. As I adjusted to life in Bozeman after MCC and funds got low, I received resources from the Gallatin County Food Bank. In 2018, my partner and I were able to buy our first home through the HRDC's affordable housing program. Along with receiving help from nonprofits, I've also had the joy of volunteering and feeling the impact of helping others in need. GGC is dedicated to giving back to this amazing community by donating $1 of every pound sold to a local nonprofit. 

Along with a love of good coffee and community, GGC was born from a love of the outdoors. The name, Glowing Goat, is inspired by the way mountain goats seem to glow when the sun hits their wooly white fur. Picture this: you've been hiking for hours up a mountain. You're exhausted, sweaty, wondering why you keep doing things like this. As you make your final push to the top, a glint of white catches your eye. You pause and let your eyes focus on the source. Then it moves, and your breath catches with excitement- yes! it's a goat! Your efforts are rewarded with such a beautiful sighting! All the way back down that mountain, you smile to yourself as you picture that goat. Heck yeah, that was a good hike.